Solar Light Blaster Sky Light

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We can NOW infuse your shed with natural light!

This low profile tubular skylight will bring a great source of light into your dark shed. Save electricity and let the sun shine and illuminate your shed during the daylight hours.

How easy is this to install?

A Solar LIGHTblaster tubular skylight is a very simple install. We will put up an installation video soon, but in the meantime, it will come with a template to help you cut the circular hole in your shed's roof. Then just use the screws included to attach it up under your shingles on the top edge and down over the top of the shingles below. It comes in three parts and they just fit together unbelievably easy.


  • Solar tubular skylight made specifically for sheds
  • Energy efficient
  • Low profile
  • Sturdy construction
  • Natural light is a better source of light for our own energy levels and focus while working than under artificial light
  • Easily installation
  • Save money by eliminating daytime use of electric lights.
  • Increase the value of your shed or home with tubular lighting.