Solar Ridge Blaster

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Asphalt Roof Application

Get the maximum benefit from ridge ventilation by adding our Solar RIDGEblaster™ roof fans and solar panels for a clean and green solution to boost your attic ventilation. Remove hot attic air from the highest point even more effectively with Solar RIDGEblaster™! Ridge venting is one of many passive roof vent options that you can choose from. But like all passive roof vents, they only work when there is a breeze. 

So what happens on those stifling, hot days where there is no air movement?

Literally, you end up with an oven on top of your living space.

How does a Solar RIDGEblaster™ prevent an attic from turning into an oven?

A Solar RIDGEblaster roof vent turns that passive vent into a vent that works regardless of lack of wind and even works on overcast days. Your attic's heat will be pulled out much more efficiently. So while the sun is the source of all your attic heat, it can also be put to work in pulling that hot air and moisture out. This solution is a very economical way for you to solve your attic heat problem.